About Us

The Edmonton Heritage Network facilitates connections between Edmonton’s heritage stakeholders.

It aims to break down silos, build relationships between heritage organizations and facilitate projects that respond to shared needs.

Edmonton’s heritage organizations tell the story of the city from different perspectives. The Edmonton Heritage Network aims to unify these narratives, to join perspectives that may seem disparate but together make up the fabric of our urban history.

The Edmonton Heritage Network is a new initiative that aligns with the work of the Edmonton City as Museum Project, which together form the broader museums strategy for Edmonton.

The network falls under the mandate of the Edmonton Heritage Council, an arms-length government agency that works with heritage stakeholders and City Council to protect and promote the heritage sector in the city of Edmonton.

Click here for a PDF that outlines the Edmonton Heritage Network’s vision, mandate and objectives

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The Edmonton Heritage Network falls under the umbrella of the Edmonton Heritage Council, an arms-length governmental organization that acts as a voice for the city’s memory, an active link between historians, educators, heritage organizations, artists, government and entrepreneurs: everyone who seeks to understand where our history meets our future.

The Edmonton Heritage Council is located at:

Prince of Wales Armouries Heritage Centre
2nd Floor, 10440 – 108 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5H 3Z9